President’s Medal

The President’s Medal recognizes a member who has made an extraordinary contribution to the betterment of our specialty. This award recognizes a singularly outstanding contribution at any stage of career.  The recipient is selected by the current CSPS President and two immediate past presidents.

2023: Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, MD, FRCSC

2021/22: Oleh Antonyshyn, MD, FRCSC

2020:  Daniel Borsuk, MD, FRCSC & Steven McCabe, MD, FRCSC

2019:    Edward Buchel, MD, FRCSC

2018:    Ms. Karyn Wagner, CSPS Executive Director

2017:    Douglas Ross, MD, FRCSC

2016:    Mitchell Brown, MD, FRCSC

2015:    Don Lalonde, MD, FRCSC

2014:    Richard Warren, MD, FRCSC