Dr. Kimit Rai Family Scholarship

Background:  The Dr. Kimit Rai Family Scholarship was established with a generous donation by Dr Kimit Rai and his family.  The scholarship is meant to support a recently graduated plastic surgeon who is working in a non-academic setting and wishes to acquire new skills, or enhance existing ones, by means of a “mini-fellowship” at a centre outside the community he/she is practicing in.

Eligibility: A graduate of a Canadian plastic surgery training program who has completed their Royal College certification within the ten years prior to application for the scholarship, is practicing in Canada, is a member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons or has submitted an application for membership.  The applicant must be working in, or have a documented letter of offer from a centre outside of a Canadian plastic surgery training program.

Scope:  The scholarship will support the successful applicant up to a total of $10,000/annum of eligible receipts for a period of training no shorter than 5 days and no longer than six months.  A proposed budget should be submitted with the application.  Eligible items for support, upon presentation of receipts, include travel (from home community to site of training), accommodation and living expenses (exclusive of food) during the period of training.

Criteria for Judgment:  Applications will be judged by the Board of the CSPS Educational Foundation based upon multiple criteria, including but not limited to: the needs of the applicant’s community, the applicant’s personal letter explaining the reason for the application and expected improvement in patient care by acquisition of the new skills, letters of support from the applicant’s home community as well as the proposed centre of training.

Applications:  Applications will be accepted until May 14, 2018. Application forms are available from the CSPS Secretariat:  csps_sccp@bellnet.ca; 514-843-5415.